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AC Installation and Replacement in Huntsville, Alabama

Your A/C unit is the source of comfort for your family when it comes to keeping your home cool in the Huntsville summer heat. It also provides warmth during a winter cold spell. Therefore, you need your air conditioner to be reliable no matter what time of year it is; if it’s not working, the best thing to do may be to get a new system.

Many times, homeowners will find that even though they have the temperature set to cool, their home will take longer than normal to cool or does not at all. If this occurs, it might be time for a new A/C system. Homeowners often stress over installing a new A/C, but our technicians can help you decide on a system and choose options that can make it more affordable.

At Talent Heating and Air Conditioning, we provide many different options for a custom plan involving your A/C installation. Our technicians have over 23 years combined experience and we personally ensure that you get the best quality A/C unit that will fit your needs.

Air Conditioning Repair

Your A/C unit is comprised of many moving parts that can develop issues, which can lead to major damage or a system break down. If you notice certain spots in your home that are warm or you feel as though your A/C system isn’t circulating cool air throughout, it might be time to call our service technician for a diagnosis and repair.

When it comes to repairing your A/C unit, there are many reasons that would warrant a service call. Since our expert technicians have over 23 years of experience in diagnosing AC systems, you can be assured we will find the issue, provide an accurate diagnosis, and repair your ac unit correctly the first time around.

The goal is to find the underlying issue so your A/C system can be successfully repaired. These issues can vary from build-up of dirt to loose parts, to electrical issues. Finding out the exact cause helps us provide you with a customized plan and the solution you need.

AC Maintenance and Tune-Up

Many homeowners tend to overlook regular A/C maintenance. Your home HVAC system, just like a car, needs regular maintenance in order to keep it running as efficiently and effectively as it can. Not only will regular maintenance keep your A/C system running smoothly, but it will also help reduce your energy bill as well as extend the life of your A/C unit. Your HVAC system may also last years longer, so paying for major repairs or early replacements won’t be necessary.

A/C maintenance is a series of steps to help keep your A/C running without major problems or breakdowns. It includes professional services to inspect and, if necessary, repair important components, as well as simple steps you can do yourself. These include cleaning or changing an air filter or cleaning the condenser coil. There are many aspects of A/C maintenance.

You should have a professional A/C inspection at least once a year, before the start of the cooling season, to check for any hidden issues. An inspection in the fall will ensure your air conditioner is in peak condition and able to handle increased demand.

Duct Sealing and Repair

At Talent Heating and Air Conditioning, we know how important clean, well-maintained air ducts are for indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can mean there are micro-particles that can lead to asthma and other health problems. Without properly cleaned and functioning air ducts, you will be putting your family’s health at risk. Fortunately, our ductwork sealing and repair services can restore clean air and improve the performance and efficiency of your heating and cooling system again.

In general, you should clean your air ducts every three to five years to keep your HVAC system running efficiently and protect your family.

However, if you notice any rodents or insects entering or exiting ductwork, or you find dust or black debris around the outside of duct lines, it’s time for professional service. Duct cleaning may be necessary if you start to see dirt or dust building up on vents and registers, or you can hear air moving through the ducts. If you suspect mold or notice unusual smells that don’t go away with time, contact us.

Tankless Water Heaters

At Talent Heating and Air Conditioning, we are dedicated to bringing the best heating solutions to our valued clients. To uphold this commitment, we proudly carry Rinnai tankless water heaters, a renowned brand known for its exceptional quality and performance. Rinnai's state-of-the-art technology ensures that our customers enjoy efficient and uninterrupted hot water, perfectly suited to the modern household's demands.

Our team of skilled professionals understands the intricacies of Rinnai tankless systems. With a thorough knowledge of their design and functionality, we provide seamless installations that ensure optimal performance. Every installation is approached with precision, care, and a deep understanding of our client's specific needs. With Talent Heating and Air Conditioning at the helm, you can rest assured that your Rinnai tankless water heater will operate at its peak potential.

Beyond the immediate benefits of endless hot water and space-saving design, choosing a Rinnai tankless water heater from Talent Heating and Air Conditioning is a step towards a more sustainable future. These systems are designed to consume less energy, reducing utility bills and the household's carbon footprint. We are proud to align our services with eco-friendly solutions, and by partnering with Rinnai, we offer our clients an opportunity to make a green choice for their homes.

We offer solutions to fit your needs.

We are proud to offer our customers in Huntsville with a wide variety of options to keep their homes cool in the summer, and warm in the winter! Click below to schedule your fast, free estimate today!

Package Systems

A packaged HVAC unit comprises everything involved in a central air system in one unit placed outside the home. Homes with little indoor space to house these systems - or those lacking in underground spaces - will have a packaged unit.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump consists of two main components: an indoor air handler and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit contains a compressor that circulates refrigerant that absorbs and releases heat as it travels between the indoor and outdoor units.

Mini-Split Systems

Mini-splits are heating and cooling systems that allow you to control the temperatures in individual rooms or spaces. Mini-split systems have two main components -- an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor air-handling unit.

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Jennifer talks about her experience with Talent Heating and Air Conditioning after we installed a Ruud 15 seer split heat pump at her home.

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My entire experience with Talent was outstanding! From the moment I met Terry he felt like an old friend. He explained everything in terms that were totally understandable to me. I felt very comfortable and didn’t feel as if I was being pushed into making a purchase. As promised the guys showed up exactly when they said they would and got my unit installed. Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable. The work area was so clean when they left you couldn’t tell they had even been there. I am very happy with this company and highly recommend them.

Susie Durham

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Talent Heating and Air Conditioning is the best around! I contacted them as a second opinion to get an estimate for a repair. I was so impressed with their professionalism that I went ahead and scheduled them to complete the repair. Plus, their estimate saved me about $200! He even came back out to check to make sure my unit was working properly. 100% recommend this company! Very professional, great communication and showed up on time, every time.

Amy P

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